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Mississippi Health Careers Guide 2005-2007



JACKSON (October 27, 2004) -- Everything you need to know about health related careers is now at your fingertips. The Mississippi Health Careers Guide is a comprehensive resource guide created to provide information on 93 health-related careers utilized by the Mississippi health care industry. This guide provides information on work environments, educational requirements, average salaries, and educational institutions that have training programs for the careers.

This Guide was produced by the Mississippi Hospital Association Health Careers Center in partnership with the Mississippi AHEC, Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD), and the Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce (ONW). The health care industry serves a vital role in the economic and physical well-being of every Mississippi community. A recent MHA healthcare economic impact study showed that more than 59,872 individuals work in Mississippi’s health care sector, and health care contributes more than 10.1 billion dollars to our state’s economy.

Our goal in the production and distribution of this guide is to educate students of all levels, dislocated workers, and recareering professionals on the opportunities available in healthcare. We hope that by revealing these opportunities, more individuals will choose to support their families and communities by entering a healthcare career. If the current healthcare workforce shortages continue unchecked, we will all be affected and our health may ultimately suffer.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the Mississippi Health Careers Guide 2005-2007, please contact Curnis Upkins at 368-3303 or Melissa Brewer at 368-3235.

CONTACT: Melissa Brewer
Communications Coordinator
MHA Health Career Center
Phone: (601) 368-3235

About MHA Health Career Center:

The MHA Health Careers Center was created by the Mississippi Hospital Association in response to the shortages in nursing and allied health careers. These shortages are threatening the delivery of timely and quality healthcare in Mississippi and must be addressed. The Center provides resources for individuals interested in health careers and to hospitals for employee recruitment and retention.

The MHA Health Careers Center is focused on being the primary resource for students, educators, job seekers and healthcare employers interested in health care information and occupations in Mississippi. By forming partnerships with educational institutions, healthcare employers and healthcare professional organizations, we are working to ensure that the medical needs of all Mississippians are cared for by a sufficient number of well-trained professionals.


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Mississippi Health Careers Guide


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