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Nursing Education

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Mississippi Hospital Scholarship Information.

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Mississippi Nurses Foundation

The Mississippi Nurses Foundation is pleased to inform you that additional $6,000 RN Stipends, made possible by the Nurses Car Tag Program - Nurses Touch Lives, will be awarded to two (2) more RNs who are already in, or will enter by August 2006, an accredited Nursing Masters Program in Mississippi with a focus in education. RNs awarded this stipend must agree to teach in a school of nursing in Mississippi for one year immediately following graduation. Deadline for application is June 15, 2006. Two (2) stipends will be awarded by July 1. If you have any questions or wish to receive further information and an application, please contact Charlotte Cockrell at (601) 898-0850.

The Nurses Foundation sponsors a $1000 scholarship each year to assist undergraduate nursing students with academic expenses. The Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency, Inc. will sponsor a $1,000 Scholarly Writing Award which will be presented to a student enrolled in a doctoral program in nursing or a related area. The deadline for the application is October 1, 2005. If you have any questions or wish to receive further information and an application, please contact Charlotte Cockrell at (601) 898-0850.

Grenada Lake Medical Center

Grenada Lake Medical Center is pleased to announce the implementation of a scholarship program for nurses.  Applications are available by contacting Grenada Lake Medical Center, Nursing Administration, Scholarship Application, 960 Avent Drive, Grenada, MS 38901, calling (662) 227-7259, or emailing kathy.beck@glmc.net.  The students may be employees or potential employees and must be committed to work at GLMC following graduation. 

Greenwood Leflore Hospital

If you are currently a nursing student or have been accepted into a nursing program you may quality for up to $6000 in tuition assistance. When you finish your education there will be a position waiting for you. If you work for Greenwood Leflore Hospital for a specified time, your tuition becomes a scholarship - you don't have to pay it back.

For more information about Greenwood Leflore Hospital's Scholarship Work Program, call them at (662) 459-2659.

St. Dominic Hospital Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program is designed to provide worthy students financial assistance to attend an accredited School of Nursing. This program is available to students for AD or BS degrees. Any Mississippi resident who is accepted into an accredited School of Nursing in the state of Mississippi is eligible to apply. All scholarship applicants will be interviewed. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on established criteria including academic achievements, personal motivation, career expectations, graduation date of the applicant and availability of scholarship funds.

The proceeds of the St. Dominic Nursing Scholarship will be paid under the terms outlined in the signed agreement between the recipient and the hospital, For further information regarding the Nursing Scholarship Program, contact the Professional Recruiter at (601) 200-6835.

Rush Health Systems

Educational assistance application Rush Health Systems will award educational assistance to qualified students preparing for a career in a health related field at a Rush Health System entity. The following items will be covered under the program: tuition, technology fees, lab fees, required books, syllabus, required testing. For complete information and an application form contact Rush Health Systems on (601) 703-9607 or visit their website www.rushhealthsystems.org

Central Mississippi Medical Center

CMMC offer a Medical-Surgical Nurse Internship Program and Critical Care Nurse Internship Program and a general scholarship program. Scholarships will be available at all Provider Hospitals for students who are pursuing an allied health degree at accredited institutions in Mississippi. Scholarships will be paid for a two year AD program or the last two years of a BS program. For further information contact CMMC at 800-844-2687 or via their website at www.centralmississippimedicalcenter.com

Mississippi State Hospital

Mississippi State Hospital offers a paid educational leave program for recipients interested in the study of Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse. Benefits include a monthly salary, state retirement and health insurance. Recipients must attend a college or university located in the state of Mississippi and approved by the head of the agency. Participants must fulfill his/her obligation to the hospital by working for a period of time equivalent to the period of time for which they receive paid educational leave compensation, calculated to the nearest whole month, but in no event less than two (2) years. For further information contact Kay Harrell Human Resources Division Mississippi State Hospital
on (601) 351-8018. or via their website at http://www.msh.state.ms.us/

Baptist Health Systems

Get up to $8,000.00 for tuition, books and a guaranteed summer externship in Baptist Hospital's Scholarship Program! Student receives a maximum amount of $8000 during nursing school and agrees to work at Baptist for 2 years upon graduation. Students may choose a "sponsoring" floor or accept a general scholarship and choose a unit to work in at graduation time. Scholarship recipients are also guaranteed a spot as summer extern.

Applicants must show proof of enrollment in nursing school with a letter of good standing and an official sealed transcript. All applicants are welcome! To receive the scholarship application package or further details about Baptist's Scholarship Program, contact the Nurse Recruiter at (601) 968-1296, 1-800-844-1084, or via their website at www.mbhs.org

King's Daughters Hospital

King's Daughters Hospital, located in Yazoo City, MS, is offering scholarships for individuals pursuing a registered nursing degree. The scholarship options are listed below. One year work commitment to King's Daughters Hospital after completion of educational program and licensed/ certified in field of study: $0-$2,000                               Two year work commitment to King's Daughters Hospital after completion of educational program and licensed/ certified in field of study: $2,001-$4000                         Three year work commitment to King's Daughters Hospital after completion of educational program and licensed/ certified in field of study: $4,001-$6000                         Four year work commitment to King's Daughters Hospital after completion of educational program and licensed/ certified in field of study: $6,001-$10,000

Recipients must have completed a high school or a GED equivalent, have completed pre-requisites to their school of choice, be accepted into their nursing school of choice, and are pursuing a registered nursing degree. Awards are made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability, national origin, or financial need.

To receive a scholarship packet or for more information, please contact Laura Henderson, Director of Patient and Community Education at (662) 751-8235.

Singing River Hospital System

The Singing River Hospital System (SRHS) Registered Nurse Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to qualified candidates striving to become professional Registered Nurses. The program consists of the following options: Option I: Academic scholarship which covers the cost of the MS state rate of tuition, books, uniforms, and other reasonable educational fees. The scholarship is awarded based on the recommendations of the Nursing Scholarship Panel. Option II: Reimbursement of tuition and books in amounts up to $600 per semester upon completion of the semester or the Nursing Program. Funds are paid based on the recommendations of the Nursing Scholarship Panel.

Upon graduation from an approved Nursing Program, the recipient agrees to accept an offer of employment at the established starting salary for Registered Nurses with Singing River Hospital System. For further information, contact the Nursing Scholarship Panel: Lauren Germany at Ocean Springs Hospital (228) 818-2136 or Kelli Green at Singing River Hospital (228) 809-5531. 

If your organization offers a tuition assistance or scholarship program in Mississippi please contact us with the relevant information so that we may list your program on our site.


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