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Nursing Education

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Summer Programs.

>> Rural Medical Scholarship Program

The Rural Medical Scholars Program is an opportunity for high school students between their junior and senior years to learn more about careers as Family Practice physicians. An intense, rigorous program, it provides significant insight into the academic requirements necessary to becoming a physician coupled with a real world look at the day-to-day practice of medicine and some of the issues relevant to the work and personal life of rural physicians.

The Scholars participate in a 5-week summer program at Mississippi State University. They take two pre-med courses (Principles of Zoology and College Algebra), spend a few afternoons "shadowing" a physician in a hospital or clinical setting, tour a major medical facility, and attend a lecture series relevant to the interests of an aspiring physician. To help launch their college career, a study skills workshop kicks-off the program.

Program recruitment begins each March. Each of the state's 15 community colleges selects and sponsors two candidates from their district. Candidates must meet all criteria of the program.

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>> Rural Health Explorers Program

What if I think Im more interested in a career in nursing or another health-related field?

The community colleges sponsor a complimentary summer program called Rural Health Explorers for students with a more generalized interest in health care careers. Offered this summer at Hinds, Meridian, and Mississippi Gulf Coast community colleges, this program may be of more interest to you. A five-week program, students take Anatomy and Physiology as well as a career exploration class. They meet with professionals in a variety of health disciplines and learn about various career options. This is an exciting, informative opportunity for students between their junior and senior years in high school to begin exploring possible future careers in health care.

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If your organization offers Health Related summer programs in Mississippi please contact us with the relevant information so that we may list your program on our site.


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