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Nursing Education

Nursing Education Opportunities in Mississippi - 2008  <more..>





Educators Toolkit



How to Prepare for a Successful Interview

As a teacher or counselor, you understand the importance of preparing your students for job interviews. There are several determining factors in achieving a successful interview. Many times, students are unaware of these important guidelines. The Health Careers Center has listed several guidelines that we feel will benefit your students in their interview process. To read up on tips for interview preparation, click here.


Top 20 Healthcare Careers

High school and college students are at a point in their lives where they are trying to find the best career path that fits their personalities. The healthcare market is in high demand now more than ever. The MHA Health Careers Center has completed extensive research and pulled together a list of the top 20 healthcare careers.  Click here to share this information with your students.


Mississippi Health Careers Guidebook 2005-2007

For the first time in many years, the MHA Health Careers Center has decided to republish the Mississippi Health Careers Guidebook that will be updated and republished every two years. The guidebook includes all the various health careers that the state of Mississippi has to offer. We plan for the guidebook to be a huge success. It will be used by high schools, colleges, and hospitals as an excellent recruitment tool full of all the individual career descriptions, salaries, licenses, and requirements needed to pursue each career along with all the programs for each occupation that the colleges of Mississippi have to offer. The guidebook is completed and we are now in the process of distribution. For interest in ordering guidebooks or questions concerning the information within the book, please contact Rosalyn Howard at 601-954-0759. Click here to learn more about the Guidebook.


Nursing Education Opportunities in Mississippi 2004

Published by the Mississippi Hospital Association, this information has been prepared to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the many different nursing programs within our state. Basic information is provided related to practical nursing, associate degree, baccalaureate, master's and Ph. D. degree programs. You will find information to assist you as you begin your educational preparation as a nurse or to expand your education and achieve an additional level of nursing preparation. A description of each level of nursing preparation is provided, along with identification of the schools which offer that level of educational preparation. For further information on where you can receive a handbook or to download a copy, please click here or contact Rosalyn Howard at 601-954-0759.


Career Fairs

The MHA Health Careers Center has health care recruiters that attend many career fairs and conventions throughout the state of Mississippi. They find it to be a vital tool in recruitment as well as educating students and re-careering professionals of all the many job possibilities in health care. If your organization is interested in having the HCC attend a career fair you see coming up in the near future, please contact Rosalyn Howard at 601-954-0759. Also, to view all the upcoming college and high school career fairs, click here.


Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is one of the many new HCC ideas currently in the works. We have recently decided to add this forum to the material needed for teachers and counselors of Mississippi. There will be a list of suggested speakers to use for classrooms presentations along with upcoming conventions where you may hear these presenters speak. Please keep your eyes open. This information will be available soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Curnis Upkins at 601-368-3303.


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